Merino Wool

Ethically-sourced Merino wool from the USA

Merino wool fabrics are soft, plush, and versatile fabrics made in the USA with the softest merino wool fiber from local Merino sheep, and is gathered 100% mulesing-free.

Merino wool is soft against the skin, helps in regulating body temperature, repels water and dirt particles; resists odor build-up, and wicks away sweat and water vapor from the body. It is a natural fiber that is biodegradable and fire resistant.

Recognized across the world
for exceptional quality

100% mulesing free

Gathered from USA-based sheep farms

Soft, plush, and versatile

All-natural and biodegradable

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ProECO fabrics can help create:


Bed sheets


Boxing glove liners





Tank tops


and Much More!

Dedicated to reusable, sustainable,
& eco-friendly products

Made in the USA

100% eco-friendly

PFAS free

PFOA free

BPA free



Child safe

Pet safe

CPSIA compliant

Quality That Never Quits

We take great pride in designing eco-friendly fabrics that help you create reusable products.
Our ProECO fabric is safe, soft, and long-lasting for a truly sustainable fabric.