Committed to caring for our planet

At ProECO, we take pride in sourcing all of our materials locally within the U.S. This allows us to guarantee fabrics that are free from chemical residues often associated with international shipping and packaging. It’s common for fabrics imported from overseas to undergo treatment with oils and various chemicals to survive the long journey. This typically necessitates multiple washes by consumers prior to use. However, when you choose ProECO, you’re choosing convenience and safety with our locally sourced fabrics, which are ready to use right away, no extensive pre-washing needed.

We create sustainable fabrics
that protect our environment


Our ProECO fabrics are designed to be reusable and to help reduce the amount of disposable waste in our landfills.

Stringent manufacturing

Our American-based facilities are closely controlled for EPA-compliant processes that don't pollute the environment.

No chemical

No PFAS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde or nanoparticles are used in our fabrics.


We're proud to share that all our bamboo, cotton, wool, and hemp fabrics are manufactured here in America. Our strict guidelines are adhered to throughout the entire fabric production process, ensuring quality and consistency.

Safe working conditions

Our fabrics are made in US mills with safe workplace practices and fair wages following all labor regulations.

Sustainable vendors

All of the continuing partnerships we work to establish are done with an eye toward greater sustainability for all of us and for our beautiful planet earth.

Providing higher value to our customers

Many all-natural fabrics shrink up to 30% after you purchase and wash them. We utilize our Ready-AbZORB technology to eliminate prewashing and dying, which reduces shrinkage by up to 80%. You get more fabric for your money!

Quality That Never Quits

We take great pride in designing eco-friendly fabrics that help you create reusable products.
Our ProECO fabric is safe, soft, and long-lasting for a truly sustainable fabric.