Sustainable fibers that create breathability

If you choose to use bamboo fabrics, you’ll benefit from increased breathability. Bamboo fiber is cross-sectioned with tiny micro gaps, giving bamboo fabric great moisture absorption and ventilation properties.

Bamboo fibers are soft and silky, and are combined with cotton for increased durability and polyester for reduced shrinkage. 

Recognized across the world
for exceptional quality

Tiny micro-gaps for breathability

Naturally hypoallergenic

Soft & luscious feeling fibers

Biodegradable & compostable

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ProECO fabrics can help create:


Baby clothes


Cotton rounds

Diaper inserts

Dog blankets

Makeup remover pads

Mop pads



and Much More!

Dedicated to reusable, sustainable,
& eco-friendly products

Made in the USA

100% eco-friendly

PFOS free

PFOA free

BPA free



Child safe

Pet safe

CPSIA compliant

Quality That Never Quits

We take great pride in designing eco-friendly fabrics that help you create reusable products.
Our ProECO fabric is safe, soft, and long-lasting for a truly sustainable fabric.