Ready-AbZORB: eliminating the work of prewashing

Because there are no harmful chemicals used in our fabrics, you don’t need to pre-wash before you start your project, and our pioneering Ready-AbZORB technology eliminates the prewashing and drying normally needed to activate super absorbency. 

Ready to use right out of the box

Every fabric in our ProECO collection goes through a proprietary process that helps rid of oils from processing machinery and reduces shrinkage, so you get more value for your money.

Eco-conscious blend of super-performing natural fibers

Ready-AbZORB technology to eliminate pre-washing

Unmatched softness, strength, and long-term durability

Specially engineered to meet exacting requirements

ProECO is one of the highest quality-assured fabrics on the market. Each line is engineered to meet exacting USA requirements and is CPSIA-certified.

We closely monitor the manufacturing process for all our fabrics, ensuring that no harmful chemicals or finishes are used. Our fabrics are 100% eco-friendly.

Quality That Never Quits

We take great pride in designing eco-friendly fabrics that help you create reusable products.
Our ProECO fabric is safe, soft, and long-lasting for a truly sustainable fabric.